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Home Theater - Bring the excitement of the cinema into your own family room.

Flat-panel TVs - Now you can have a TV that is less than 4" deep and we can hang it on the wall for you.  Ask us about LCD and plasma displays.

Multi-Room Audio - Listen to music all over the house and outside from just one system.

HDTV - Be amazed by the crystal clear picture of high-definition television.

TiV0 - The product that is changing people's lives.  Never miss your favorite shows and pause or rewind live TV.

Digital Satellite TV - Enjoy the quality and variety of DSS television.

Remote Control - Use your remote controls from anywhere in the house or have touchpads in convenient locations. Consolodate all your remotes into one easy-to-use universal remote control.

Video Distribution - View your DVD, DVR, cameras or other sources on every TV in your home.

Smarthome Wiring - Future-proof your new home with a structured wire system for TV, phone and computer.

Installation - A professional custom installation will make your system inconspicuous and easier to use.  Let us put your gear in a custom rack system for a clean finished look.

Instruction and Consultation -We can teach you how to use your system and prepare simple written instructions. We can also assist you in purchasing new electronics or upgrading your present system.

Troubleshooting - Problem? Let us make sure your system is working properly.

Personal Service - We are here to work with you now and provide ongoing support later.

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